Why Do I need Social Media for My Salon?
Sep 26th, 2013

Why Do I Need Social Media? - Let's start with Twitter . . .

Some small businesses do not understand the buzz around social media. They think of Facebook and Twitter as places for social interactions and “fun”, not realizing that they can be powerful marketing tools to add excitement to their business and set them apart as a destination, not just another store front. The potential impact social media could have on your salon’s traffic and inevitably new customers, is significant. The first and easiest platform to begin your social media marketing is Twitter. Here are just a few reasons a social media solution can help make your salon a special destination.

For instance, did you know?

  • U.S. Internet users spend 300% more minutes on blogs and social networks than on email
  • 67% of U.S. Twitter users are more likely to buy a brand or frequent a specialty retailer they follow
  • 79% of U.S. Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands and shops they follow

Social media amplifies your business. It allows for you to establish and foster a more personal relationship with your potential customers, and when done correctly, can generate more buzz and ultimately more customers. Social media has become a major part of our spending culture, and if you aren’t already - it is time for you to capitalize on it.

Step #1: Setting Up Your Twitter Page

Twitter is very different from Facebook, especially for businesses like salons. It tends to attract a more diverse mix of active consumers waiting to learn about the newest salon events, products, specials and latest trends in styling. It’s also the fastest and most immediate form of social media communication.

It is important for you to establish a relatively casual and fun atmosphere on your Twitter account; it will create a more informal, yet personable and comfortable relationship with customers that will encourage them to want to engage with you often.

Folks on Twitter follow influencers and key experts in the things and places they are interested in. It is vital for you to establish relationships with your followers as the leader in local salons – the salon of choice!

To learn concepts, statistics you should know and how to best use Twitter to market your salon, download this white paper:


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