The ABCs of Nail Bit Disinfection
Sep 26th, 2013

Pedicure Diamond Drill Bit KitCleaning and disinfecting drill bits can often be overlooked but is probably the most important procedure when using an electric file. Your bits should be disinfected at the same level as your other professional implements. Your electric file bits can be easily cleaned and disinfected between each client service … and they should be. Drill bits (diamond or carbide) should be scrubbed with a brush and soapy water to loosen particles, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a clean towel. Then, disinfect the bits by completely immersing them in an EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectant that is effective against HIV-1, HBV and HCV or Tuberculocidal for ten (10) minutes. After soaking the bits, rinse, dry and store in a covered container. Disinfectant should be changed daily. So what should not be disinfected? Disposable or one-time use items such as sandpaper bits must be discarded. Rubberized abrasive attachments, porous accessories and fabric buffing attachments are also considered one-use items. Carbide bits have a tendency to rust during the disinfection process, but a high-quality diamond drill bit should not. If you are using a high-quality bit and disinfecting it for the proper amount of time, then you should not have any problems. Click here for more information or to order
pedicure diamond drill bit kit
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